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      Ever since I got into suppressors many years ago, the .22LR has always been a favorite, obviously because of the insanely low sound levels.

      For that matter I’ve had a lot of 22 firearms over the years, always on the search for the best suppressor hosts.

      For the purpose of this thread, I am really curious what you think is the best PISTOL .22LR suppressor host? Why do you like it? And have you encountered any issues? I will start another separate thread topic for “rifle hosts” because I am also really curious what people really like for their 22 rifles.

      For me, the absolute best host pistol I have personally used has to be the Volquartsen Mini Mamba. Mine is built upon a Ruger Mark IV metal frame (not the 22/45 version) and I love the way it feels. Also, the super short barrel (~ 3 inches) means that all ammo is subsonic, saving a lot of money and effort in trying to locate good subsonic ammo.

      Downfalls? I haven’t found any yet… It functions flawlessly and all you hear is the clack of the trigger and the bullet striking its target. Love it!

      Here are my customizations thus far:

      • Volquartsen High Performance Bolt
      • Hogue Wrap-around Grips
      • TANDEMKROSS “Blast Shield” Magazine Disconnect
      • Trijicon Dual Illuminated RMR

      Volquartsen Mini Mamba

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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