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      The Guns Classifieds Network is a large network of individual outdoors-related classifieds sites covering most of the United States. We offer display (banner) advertising for most any type of business and cater heavily to the outdoors-industry. Here is a rundown of what we are about…

      We currently have a total of 43 websites in our network consisting of:

      – 42 outdoors-industry online classifieds sites in different states throughout the USA (full list of states covered can be found at our primary site:

      – The “Firearms Advertising Directory” at:

      If you would like to take a look at one of the classifieds sites, feel free to see our flagship site “Guns Arizona Classifieds” at:

      Essentially, we offer banner advertising opportunities at some of the absolute best rates in the industry. We are currently achieving over 15-million ad impressions per month and growing fast. Our rates are a fraction of others in the outdoors industry and we offer significant discounts if you select and pay for an entire 1-year term. Also, very importantly, all advertisers get automatically added to any new sites brought into the network during their pre-paid term. For instance, if you have paid for the entire next year, we will add your ads to every new site we bring into the network during that time at no additional charge.

      I encourage you to take a look at the Guns Arizona site above to see what we are mainly about, and you can also see some of our other advertisers ads while you are there (top / left / bottom of most pages) to get an idea of where your ads would go.

      All advertisers get both ad sizes/formats to maximize your coverage (and we can even create your ads for you if needed at no charge):

      – Large horizontal ad (800×110) for tablets and desktops

      – Large vertical ad (300×600) for left sidebar on desktops/tablets and the primary size for all mobile devices (phones)

      Finally, feel free to take a look at our pricing page for specific numbers and options:

      Get in touch via email at if you would like to chat more or possibly move forward.

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